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Cakes and Stumbles

17 July 2008

Cake Dsiplay at Greens Cafe

My husband and I were in our favourite cafe, chilling out, enjoying a chat, a flick through the newspaper and a pot of tea.

I couldn’t resist jumping up and taking a few pictures of the cake display. They all looked incredible, plus I thought I’d practice taking some snaps with my new camera.

I decided to have a slice of Honey Comb and Vanilla Brulee.

It was delicious!! But I had forgotten how hard honey comb was, and I knew my dentist would not be happy. I felt like I was grinding iron ore pieces with my teeth.

Karen and HeidiFrom the corner of my eye I saw a group of girls sit down at a table next to us.

I noticed that one girl was wearing a really nice skirt and had really nice make up. Then a few moments later she walked over and introduced herself as a reader! How cool!

We chatted for a while, then I thought it might be cute to “Do the Karen Cheng” with her and her friends. Thanks for being so game guys! It was a real highlight to my evening!

I’ve uploaded a few pics to the DTKC Facebook Group.