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Rootote Loving – Fashion Bags

15 July 2008

I just adore my Rootote Bags! I’m continually amazed by how much stuff I can throw in there and how sturdy they are. They’re definitely perfect as an everywhere bag.

Rootote has recently launched a new range of designs, and I managed to get my hands on some super cute ones.

My Rootote Bag

This is me about to head off to an afternoon lunch with some friends. I’ve got a Medium Luxe Floral Bag which is holding a pair of hoodies for my sons, two drink bottles, a packet of biscuits and not to mention all my usual handbag stuff.

My Rootote Bag

This is me dressed more appropriately for the cold, winter afternoons. I’m heading out to a cafe with friends. I’m carrying a Medium Felt Swan Bag – it’s so cute, and it’s made of felt!

These are a few more cool designs from the site:

Rootote Bags - Medium

From left to right: Dot Luxe, Capital Luxe, Corner and Denim.

I was also eyeing a few TALL designs (slightly larger in size):

Rootote Bags - Tall

From left to right: Nature, Check and Bonjour.

Rootote are offering FREE Shipping Australia-wide. And a flat fee of AU$12 to Singapore, Malaysia, USA and NZ. Enjoy!