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My 30th Birthday Dinner in Perth

13 July 2008

30th Birthday Dinner in Perth

Last night, 35 of my closest friends joined me to celebrate my birthday over a banquet dinner. I had such a wonderful time talking to everyone, laughing, chatting, eating, floating, taking pictures and just being me.

The company of great friends is priceless indeed.

I thought the photo above was just too cute – the lovely Annika and Ian are crouching down, because they’re actually a full head taller than me!

30th Birthday Dinner in Perth

We stretched along one wall of the restaurant, spread over 3 long, narrow tables!

As with most large group dinners with a mixture of friends, everyone didn’t get a chance to mingle very much, so I was toying with the idea of making everyone shuffle along – speed dating style. But the food came out! So everyone was too busy eating.

Outfit: 30th Birthday Dinner in PerthMy outfit for the evening.

Dress: Silk Smock Dress from Obvious
Earrings: From Pinc
Legs: Beige Fishnet Stockings
Shoes: Black pumps

There’s a few more pics at my “Doing The Karen Cheng” Facebook Group.

I was actually planning to wear another dress that I specially bought for the occasion, but I ended up wearing that dress to my other birthday function in Singapore.

I’m also sporting my new birthday present! We decided to invest in a DSLR Nikon D80 with a very yummy 18-135mm lens.

It’s a tad heavier than my little Canon A700, but I’m completely loving it!!