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Kung Fu Panda

12 July 2008

Kung Fu Panda + Boys

We don’t usually take our kids to the movies!

With my two boys and their insurmountable fountain of energy, going out to the movies is rather unwise. Think about it – jumping on the seats, running down the aisles, crawling under seats, shouting, laughing and carrying on like wet market vendors.

We prefer to have our own movie nights at home, with a rented DVD, homemade tacos, hot popcorn, orange juice and chocolate muffins. Mmmm.

But sometimes, seeing a movie on the big screen, with all the ritual of getting there, does make a nice change. And because it was the school holidays, winter, pouring with rain outside, and well, we were feeling lazy… we thought what the heck. And Sean has never been to the movies.

We watched Kung Fu Panda, and omg, it was so cool. We laughed and laughed. We all enjoyed it so much. And my boys actually stayed in their seats throughout the whole movie!

It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon. I was surprised. My husband and I were trying to teach the boys a bit about animation appreciation – story telling, art direction, animation. But they just wanted to do kung fu kicks.

I give it five stars. I was indeed “blinded by its awesomeness”. Haha.