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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

9 July 2008

Sean (3.3years)

My husband and I were away in Singapore for 4 days. It was the first time that we’ve been away from our boys (for more than a day).

I guess I assumed that since 4 days was such a ridiculously short amount of time, we would be back in a flash, and things would be pretty much exactly the same as we left.

But it was not so.

In 4 days I seem to have developed this strange shift in my perspective towards my kids.

My goodness, my kids! They are so funny! They say the craziest things! They are so random! So cute! Look at them! They are putting on their own socks! They can count things!

It’s as if I’m new parent again.

As if I’ve never seen a little kid build a lego spaceship.

As if a conversation with a 3 year old about the Dangers of Rubber Bands was the coolest thing that happened to me that day.

As if the little faces tucked between the blankets and pillows, smiling up at me in the dark, fell from the sky like a million dollars and changed my life in an instant.

Sheesh, I love being a mother.