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Ahhh! Singapore!

4 July 2008

So I’m back in Singapore after six years, and I feels SO GOOD! I love the heat, I love the food, I love the shopping!!

I arrived on Thursday 4am, and it’s been a crazy whirlwind of events, meetings, interviews, shopping and eating. It’s been so much fun! My FashionJunkee dress has arrived! I’ve been talking non-stop, and lo and behold my voice has turned husky again.

Which is hilarious, because I was on Power 98 FM this morning! My first time on radio! Joe Augustin and the gang were talking to me about “Doing The Karen Cheng”, and raising funds for the Singapore Red Cross! If you want more information about the Facebook Group and the Event, please scroll down and read my previous post!

(Btw, it’s my birthday today!! I’m 30 and it feels awesome!!!)