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Pizza: Vegetarian and Cheeseless

21 June 2008

Vegetarian / Cheeseless Pizza

My husband is trying to eat less cheese and dairy. So with homemade vegetarian pizzas for dinner, I decided to make him a cheese-less version.

Pita bread with tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, capsicums, green beans, olives, mushrooms.

I cracked an egg in the centre and sprinkled some dukkah (an Egyptian blend of spices and crushed nuts), salt, and cracked pepper all over. Into a 180C oven for 20 minutes.

The smell of the roasted dukkah was INCREDIBLE. My goodness, I could hardly contain myself.

And then I noticed that I had accidentally crumbled feta onto it… CHEESE! OOPS. Silly me. So I decided to eat it myself.

(I made him another one! I’m not that mean!)