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The Adventures of Scuba Diver Karen

16 June 2008

Karen Goes Scuba Diving!

We went scuba diving on the weekend!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my husband has organised for us to dive with sharks this month. The problem was, I haven’t dived in 6 years, so we decided to have a practice dive at the Rockingham Wreck Trail.

It’s a famously easy and shallow dive for beginners. You basically park your car opposite the main café strip. Get into your gear. Walk down the beach. Get into the water. Swim a bit, and behold, there’s a sunken boat wreck and a few small aircraft wrecks sitting in 12m of water. The wrecks are connected by rope, so you just follow the path.

Rockingham Wreck Trail

OK it sounds pretty glamorous and exciting, but the truth is, the Wreck Trail Dive is actually quite an un-glamorous dive. The beach access is very easy, and the water is always very still. But the terrain is sand, with no natural reef, so there are no caves, no big fish or sting rays, and the visibility is poor (you can only see 2 to 5m ahead of you). People usually go there to practice scuba diving, or to try out new equipment, and there are often lots of dive courses on the weekends.

The wrecks themselves are pretty interesting, especially if you haven’t seen a sunken boat with stuff growing all over it. They are literally covered with sponges and other weird and wonderful things, there are tiny little creatures hanging around, schools of fish, crabs, eels and seahorses! I am always amazed by the huge diversity of colours and textures in the detail of marine life.

Seahorses (Photo by Kieran J Lee)

We saw a couple of seahorses hiding in the growth. As usual, they were just floating around in this spaced out kind of way. I didn’t have an underwater camera, but this photo was taken at the same Wreck Trail, by my fellow club member Kieran Lee from the Underwater Dive Club. Thanks Kieran!

Overall, it was a success. Nothing went wrong. I can still remember how to use my gear! I CAN SCUBA DIVE!

After the dive, we got out of our gear, walked across the road, sat in a café and had a cup of tea. Awesome.