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Fashion for the Fish

14 June 2008

My WetsuitFor my upcoming birthday, my husband has organised for us to scuba dive with sharks at the Perth Aquarium. I’ve been wanting to dive with sharks for years!!

I learned how to scuba dive in 2000, and did heaps diving through to 2002. Since then I haven’t touched my wetsuit in 6 years.

This is me in my custom-made, 7mm wetsuit! At the time I bought it, I thought I’d be able to get one off the rack in a “Little Japanese Girl” size. But it worked out better if I just had one custom made to my own measurements. I chose the colours, design, and had extra zips inserted in the legs and sleeves. It fits me perfectly. Like a glove. I love it!

But as I put it on, it suddenly occurred to me: what if wetsuit designs have changed in the last 6 years? What if I rock up to a dive site, feeling all special in my specky, custom-made wetsuit, and everyone raises their eye brows, because, it’s like SO out-of-date?

Haha. Ok, it was a ridiculous thought. When you’re underwater, no one really cares about how fashionable you look at all. But it did make me think about fashion and style merging with practical design in garment wear, and actually, what is fashion, and where are its limits?

So, to go with that ridiculous thought, I thought I’d slip on some pumps to complete my outfit.

Wetsuit Fashion

Definitely something interesting going on with the zips, velcro straps and the shiny black pumps.

I’ve uploaded a few more oh-so stylish (not) photos onto my Doing The Karen Cheng Facebook group.