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Personal Goals – June 2008

9 June 2008

Yet Another Mirror Photo

Hey, we’re up to month number 6 already! It’s pretty much HALFWAY through 2008!

So once again, at the start of each month I like to see where I’ve been, what I’m doing and what I’m trying to achieve.

1) Look After My Skin

i) Wear sun cream. Use a good quality moisturiser with at least SPF 15+. Apply in the morning and re-apply in the afternoon. I’ve switched my day moisturiser, tinted-moisturiser and foundation to products with SPF.

ii) Cut down on chocolate. Too much sugar is really bad for skin. I have to be honest with myself, there are only 3 days in the month that I actually NEED CHOCOLATE. So there is a complete ban on chocolate for the other 28 or so days! Wish me luck!

iii) Give up coffee! Too much caffeine is absolutely evil for your skin and body! So I don’t touch the stuff any more.

iv) Drink more water. Winter is here and I’m always reluctant to drink more when it’s cold.

v) Get more sleep. For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting to bed by 11pm and waking up at 6am. Trying to get to bed earlier.

2) Improve My Fitness

I’ve been running twice a week.
Playing netball once a week.
And walking 2km every day.

3) Snack properly!

All this exercise makes me REALLY hungry. And I’ve been snacking like crazy! Sometimes I’m so hungry I don’t care what I eat – because I NEED FOOD NOW!! So I’ve been trying to eat proper healthy snacks at set times. Which is tricky, because I’m a bit particular with my snacks. So far I like pistachios, dried apple, and cheese + crackers. Does anyone have any snacking suggestions?

4) Get Organised!

I’m all over the place! I have so much happening these next two months!!!

5) Take better photos (with the camera I have)

I’ve been hankering for a new camera, and have my eye on a digital SLR. But argh, we can’t justify spending the money, because, my current one works fine. So I’ve been exercising some self-control and trying to make the best with what I have.

The other day, it was drizzling slightly and we took the kids to the park. The light was PERFECT for some gorgeous portraits. So I had an excellent photo session with the kids, while they splished and splashed in the creek. The results are here and here.

They turned out great! And part of me was so thankful that I didn’t take a $1500 camera into the rain!!

6) Learn a language by myself

It’s been going well, but slowly! I’ve got my hands on some great Chinese material, which I’ll write about soon.

7) Create Something!

I’ve been itching to make something! I have serious screen-printing envy every time I browse through

8) Scuba Diving!

In a few weeks, I’ll be putting on my wetsuit and jumping into the water again!!