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Robot Bird

22 May 2008

Callum's Robot Bird

My 5 year old was asked to make a robot in his class.

So where most kids go for the classic robot shape – rectangular cereal boxes with toilet paper arms – my kid comes up with this, a robot bird.

As I gingerly pulled it out of his bag, I was COMPLETELY FLOORED by it’s amazing sense of design – great shape. Great proportion. Great colours. Heaps of originality. Nice use of repetition. Symmetry.

It’s the seed of a strong, signature image. It’s what logo designers will absolutely kill for.

I was standing in the courtyard, staring at this thing in my hands, thinking, “OMG this is so cool”. The designer in me was trembling with pride!

I almost blurted it out to random people nearby, but ah, perhaps to share this sense of pride with strangers, was not particularly welcomed, especially those who don’t understand my neurotic peculiarities in all things visual.

I just told my son that I really liked it. Then it went straight to the pool room.