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Making Baby 3, Part 27: Looking Into Assisted Reproduction

9 May 2008

Today I spoke to my doctor about not being able to fall pregnant.

My doctor is by far, the most wonderful, most considerate, personal and straight-forward doctor that I, and my husband, have ever had. We’ve been seeing her for 7 years, and she knows all about us and the kids.

I told her about our efforts in trying to fall pregnant and the techniques we’ve tried. I laid out a little case history, how we’ve come to this point, and where we’d like to go.

I asked her for her opinion, to recommend some fertility clinics, and any other reproductive alternatives she can think of.

I asked her, “We’ve only been trying for seven months. Would a fertility clinic take us seriously?”

She assured me that since we know my husband has a low sperm count, 7 months is long enough to be taken seriously.

Phew. The last thing I want I to do is pay a specialist to tell me to just keep trying for another 6 months.

My husband, with his years of dealing with doctors, medical practices and the health sector, strongly believes in being deeply involved in your treatment. He believes in finding out as much as you can, doing vigorous research, looking for alternatives, asking hard questions, asking WHY, and hearing as many different opinions as possible. He believes in “getting three quotes”.

I personally had the impression that we should trust doctors, that ALL doctors know what they are doing, and they will recommend the best possible solution for the patient – but I have since found out that this isn’t always the case.

Each specialist doctor, like a tradesperson, has a particular style and way of doing things. They are most likely to recommend the method that they are expert in, and it might not necessarily be the way that is best for you.

So while most people go see ONE fertility clinic at a time, we are booked into seeing THREE – just for an initial consultation with each.

Ok perhaps it’s a bit of an overkill. The Chinese in me is very grumpy about the money we’re spending just for having a chat with a doctor – especially if they all say the same thing – but I’ve been told, “Hey, welcome to the world of assisted reproduction!”

Assisted reproduction! Fertility specialists! How scary!

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