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Yogurt, Fruit and Cookie Dessert

6 May 2008

Yogurt, Fruit and Cookie Dessert

In my efforts to make the kids eat more calcium, I’ve been trying out all kinds of yogurty desserts. We make my own natural yogurt with a yogurt maker. We eat about 2kgs a week!

Anyway, this is the absolute hands-down favourite of the lot. I call it a dessert, but really I make this for the kids after school, as a bit of a treat.

Yogurt, Fruit and Cookie Dessert Recipe

Crumble 2 or 3 cookies into a glass cup. I use ANY kind I have in my cupboard – shortbread, wheat or oat cookies.

Dollop 4 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Top with any kind of fruit compote or canned berries with syrup. I like canned blueberries.

There’s something very magical about slightly mushy cookies with fruity yogurt.