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Photoshop Branches

21 April 2008

Final Graphic of Branches

This afternoon, we had a garden clean up day. My husband pruned all the overgrown trees in our backyard, while the boys and I dragged all the cuttings to the front verge.

We created a huge mountain of sticks and leaves next to our driveway.

I had an strangely pleasant moment as I picked up a large bundle of sticks. I wrapped my arms wide around the thick cluster of twigs and my fingers couldn’t touch on the other side. I lifted it up, pressed it against my body and walked towards the front yard.

I chuckled to myself, thinking “To do for the month: Hug a tree and like it. Done.”

I was fascinated by the way some branches twisted together. So I grabbed my camera. I stooped close to the pile to take some photos. Unfortunately our darling neighbours saw me and teased me until I laughed so much I couldn’t keep a steady hand.

I told them that I was “I was gathering photographic texture. For my art.”

However, I wasn’t too happy with the shots I took in the end. I didn’t have enough time to plan the composition etc. So I promised myself I’d do something cool with them in Photoshop.

Here is the original photo for the above graphic.

Original Photo of Branches

It’s a very crap photo! But it has some interesting shapes and angles.

Branches with Photoshop Layer Blending

This is the same image with 5 layers of blending.

Layer 1 : Duplicate of original. Black and white. High contrast. Set to Overlay.
Layer 2 : Duplicate of original. Set to Multiply. Middle of picture is erased with airbrush.
Layer 3 : Duplicate of original. Set to Multiply. Opacity 80%
Layer 4 : Duplicate of original. Set to Overlay. Opacity 70%
Layer 5 : Duplicate of original. Set to Overlay. Opacity 100%
Layer 6 : Original.