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Callum’s 5th Birthday Party

12 April 2008

Callum's 5th Birthday

Callum turns 5 today, and as he requested, we had a big party for him and his friends. It was the first time I organised a kid’s birthday party for children only. We had 18 kids turn up.

During our planning, my husband and I decided that we would have the party at our house. Later on I started to have second thoughts and felt a growing panic over the idea of 20 kids in our house.

Why not have it at an indoor playgym? Or a park? What are the kids going to DO? What if they trash the place? What if they roam around and get bored?? We need to have some focus! What about a bouncy castle or something!?

My husband replied, Don’t be silly. The kids will be kids. They’ll just run around and play with each other.

Yet despite what he said, I organised 6 party games, some game helpers, prizes and a pinata. Nothing too complicated. However, I was considerably preoccupied with party preparations for the week leading up to the party.

On the day of the party (today), the kids played ONE GAME – Pass The Parcel. After that, they showed absolutely no interest in any more games… and preferred to just run around and play with each other! Imagine that!

We also had a pinata, which I stuffed full of popcorn bags and chocolate frogs. I made it from an old cardboard box. I cut the sides out and replaced them with thinner cardboard panels, to make it easier for little kids to open. Nothing is worse than bashing a pinata that won’t open!

It was supposed to be a ROBOT pinata, with a head, dangling limbs and colourful buttons. But Callum said it might look too babyish! Hmph. Whatever. So here’s the adequately cool Spiderman piñata I made.

Spiderman Pinata

My Spiderman City birthday cake turned out really well! I was so happy with it. You are looking at a 100% free food colouring birthday cake!

I made the grey by mixing crushed blueberries skins and spinach, with a bit of cabbage extract (from organic food colouring that I bought).

Spiderman City Cake

Overall the party was really simple and laid-back. But most importantly, my little guy and his friends had an absolute blast!