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Tuna Rice Salad Recipe

5 April 2008

Tuna Rice Salad

I have written about how I have weekly meal plans. But there are just some days that I just can’t be bothered to cook.

I might have forgotten to defrost the meat, or I might have appointments all afternoon, or I’ve had a really bad day and can’t control the kids… whatever the reason, there comes a point in the afternoon where I DON’T WANT TO MAKE ANYTHING TOO COMPLICATED.

However “instant meals” don’t have to be highly processed, unhealthy food with lots of additives – eg. frozen pizzas, tv dinners, instant noodles, instant macaroni and cheese.

So one of my favourite, most laziest, simplest and healthy meals is Tuna Rice Salad. I make it once a week, because I’m lazy, very often. And because my boys love it.

Recipe for Tuna Rice Salad

Just cook 1 cup of rice.
While it’s still warm, tip in a whole can 185g of Tuna in Oil (undrained).
Throw in whatever vegetables you have, chopped.
Dash of soy sauce.

DONE in 15 minutes.

Tips :

Vegetables I like to use: canned corn, canned mixed beans, chopped tomatoes, capsicum, spinach and snow pea sprouts.

Sometimes I use brown rice instead (pictured).