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Benjibox Clear Shoe Boxes

3 April 2008

I got to know Penny through my website. We emailed a few times in the past, like me she’s a busy, young mother living in Australia. Then she introduced me to her company,

The moment I laid eyes on one of her clear shoe boxes, I said OMG I must try one out!

Benjiboxes for shoes

Instead of a typical box-flap opening, Benjiboxes have a slide-out drawer that make them quick and easy to open. How cool is that?!

They keep your shoes from dust and dirt, and have small air vents to let your shoes breathe.

Since then, I’ve seen a few other clear shoe boxes on the market. I haven’t tried them, but the designs imply they have “envelope” or “tab” openings (like a cereal box?), which I imagine, would be such a hassle to fiddle with. And the flaps might scratch your shoes.

They are also great for organising kid’s stuff and craft bits. They look so cool!

Benjiboxes for Kids

Benjiboxes for craft

I’m so happy with mine! Now I just need more room in my wardrobe!

My Benjibox

My Benjibox