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Relaxing By The River

30 March 2008

Coffee at Jo Jo's Karen at Jo Jo's

My husband and I took some time out the other day. We were in between appointments, and made an effort to meet up. We don’t usually get to see each other in the afternoons. It was really good to see us both at our “best” – when our brains haven’t turned to pulp at the end of the day.

We had coffee and lunch at Jo Jo’s– a restaurant on a jetty, on the Swan River. The view was lovely, the food was nice, and the atmosphere was good for long, deep conversations.

It was a spectacular day. Bright and sunny. Big, blue skies. Not a breath of wind. The river was calm. The water was sparkling.

Jellyfish in the Swan River

We saw some jellyfish around the jetty. They were everywhere. Hovering and bobbing, like UFOs on cruise-control. Strange, yet amazing. Ugly, yet beautiful.

We managed to take some cool photographs. The water was so clear and still, that it looks like I used an underwater camera.

Jellyfish in the Swan River

I loved the way the water would bend oh-so slightly as the jellyfish thumped its head on the surface. It would make the relfections of the clouds warp and shimmer, as if painting the surface with white spirals.