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Making Baby 3, Part 24: You’ve Got to be Yolking

28 March 2008

I was flicking through a rather encyclopediatic looking fertility book, when something caught my eye.

“Alternative Lubrication”


It is commonly known that many forms of artificial lubrication can hinder or kill sperm – such as petroleum jelly, oil-based lubricants, baby oils, vegetable oils, glycerine, even saliva.

So the book suggests that you should use RAW EGGWHITE.

Apparently eggwhite is a suitable, vaginal lubricant that may assist conception and is least harmful to sperm.

1) Try not to use eggs which are straight from the fridge.

2) Separate the yolk from the eggwhite.

3) Apply where necessary.

So there you go.

Other medical experts caution the use of eggwhite as a lubricant, as there is a slight possibility it might contain the salmonella bacteria.

They classify it as an “old wives tale” and “only for recreation”.

So I guess chocolate sauce, strawberry ice cream and whipped yoghurt is definitely out of the question?

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