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Easter Sunday

23 March 2008

Despite the fact that we had such a busy day yesterday, we all woke up at 7am to attend an Easter Egg Hunt. I have to mention that I absolutely despise Easter Egg Hunts – but oh, how I love hot cross buns.

We went to church, stayed for lunch, caught up with my cousins and family. Got home. Slept. Babysitter arrived. Then the hubs and I left for a party.

We went to a friend’s 40th birthday party at the Mosman Park Bowl Club. We ate roasted meats, sipped wine and played bowls in the setting sun, overlooking the river.

It was another glorious day.

(Oh and it was also our 6th wedding anniversary!)

Sunday Evening at the Bowling Club

Sunday Arvo at the Bowling Green

Sunday Evening at the Bowling Club