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A New Project

19 March 2008

I thought I’d let everyone know that I’ve started a new project.

I’m co-producing a book! It’s a commemorative book, we’re publishing it ourselves, we’ve got funding, and that’s all I can say about it at the moment.

Officially I’m the art director, but being on the production board (there’s only 3 of us), I’m pretty involved with everything else – so it’s been really interesting and exciting!

I’ve been going to business meetings in the city – which involves me dropping off one kid at school, driving to the babysitter’s place, drop off the second kid, drive to the meeting, after a 1 hour meeting, I drive back to pick up the kid, we have lunch, drive home – the whole process takes about 4 hours. It’s crazy. I waste so much of my day.

So I was chatting to the secretary about it, she insisted that I bring my kid and she would entertain him for an hour. My child? HERE? IN AN OFFICE?


So the following week, I brought my 3 year old son, Sean, to my business meeting. I felt mad. Totally and utterly insane.

I had put him in nice clean clothes, I combed his hair, I packed a backpack full of snacks, toys, drawing pad and pencils, and prayed that he didn’t create havoc in the office. I introduced him to Sandra the Secretary, and she dazzled him with her array of secretarial office implements.

Highlighters! Hole punchers! Staplers! Stamps! Post it notes! Paperclips in 4 different colours! Chocolate biscuits! This kid was in heaven.

Now and again, I would peep out from the board room. I would see Sean constantly busy, doing stuff, giggling and chatting happily to Sandra. She was awesome. I had a great meeting. I was so relaxed.

When I finally emerged from the meeting, Sean had [FAXED] [COPIED] and [PAID] stamps all over his arms and he was playing Solitaire on someone’s laptop. Haha.

Ah, life would be so dull if not for kids and new projects.