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Making Baby 3, Part 21: Think Happy Thoughts

7 March 2008

When you’re trying to conceive a child, it’s very hard to NOT think about it in your day to day life

Even while I have two kids, it’s always at the back of my head.

As I go through the day, I am constantly struck by the thought : I wonder what it’d be like to have a third kid in this situation.

When I push a shopping trolley loaded with my kids. When we’re at a cafe sharing chips and milkshakes. When we’re paddling and splashing in a swimming pool. When we huddle together to take a family photo.

It’s a consuming thought.

But I shouldn’t let it be that way. Not in a negative way, at least.

I always try to keep a positive and healthy attitude about it all.

I like to focus on the good and happy things in my life.

I like to speak, think and write about it in a positive way.

I like to laugh about it, telling people, “That’s right, we have lots and lots and lots of sex.”

I like to keep some perspective, remembering that there are so many couples who want and can’t have even one child.

I like to think that in the end, if it’s not to be, then I shall be happy with what I have.

If anything, I guess thinking happy thoughts and trying to stay positive will keep me less stressed, relaxed, in the mood and who knows what might happen next!

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