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A Spotlight On My Favourite Charities

6 March 2008

Someone asked me whether I donated any money to charity, and which ones.

At first I was really surprised. Of course I do! But I realised that since I don’t talk about it on my site, it must seem like it’s never crossed my mind.

So I thought I’d let everyone know that yes, I have been earning a bit of money from this site in the last 2 years. And of that money, I have been donating a portion of all I earn to various charities that I feel strongly about.

And I would love to feature them for you –

Cancer Council of Australia

The Cancer Council of Australia
My husband is a cancer survivor. In 2004, before the birth of our second son, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent radiotherapy, chemotherapy and two lots of surgery.

He is now in remission and now strives to live a healthy, stress-free life filled with love and laughter.

Each day that passes, we are thankful for the gift of life. We feel quite passionate towards giving a little of what we have towards cancer research, education programs, support for cancer patients and their families.

Starlight Foundation

Starlight Children’s Foundation of Australia
I have 2 happy and healthy young children. Every time I see one of my boys do a flying somersault leap off the couch, part of me curses their boyish energy, and the other, thanks heaven that they can actually do crazy stunts like that.

Whenever I browse through the Starlight website, I am always so moved by the stories and pictures. I was always think – Am I waiting for my child to become seriously ill before I help in some way?

The Starlight Foundation supports and raises money for seriously ill children. They bring laughter, family escapes, fun centres, express vans, wish granting to the lives of seriously sick children and their families.

I have a secret personal goal to become a Starlight Volunteer one day.

Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia

Throughout my life, I have personally known 5 women who’s lives were taken by breast cancer. I don’t know if that’s a lot or little for someone my age, but I feel determined towards making a small contribution towards the breast cancer research, a cure, prevention, support and promotion.

I also really adore the worldwide PINK marketing campaign towards Breast Cancer. The movement is so uniting, beautiful and touching. I also buy a lot of pink chocolate too.

Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia
Sometimes the trivial problems of our everyday life hinders us from seeing the bigger problems of the world.

Every day we turn on the world news and there are wars, earthquakes, train wrecks, assassinations, poverty, abuse, hunger. People are dying every day and yet, it all seems so distant when you’re sitting in air conditioned comfort watching it on a very expensive plasma screen.

It’s just not real. We are not affected by it, thus we’re not moved to give.

The challenge is to make it real, with knowledge. Make it personal, by giving.

I love what OXFAM has done – bringing the real issues of poverty and social injustice to us – the developed world that sees none of it.

I also love Oxfam Unwrapped. Where you can buy goats for your relatives. It just puts things into perspective when you read that “a $20 donation can pay for five household gardens to be set up in Cambodia. The vegetable gardens can help families to have a more diverse diet and decrease the chances of malnutrition.”