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Rootote Canvas Bags

19 February 2008

Rootote Canvas Bags

I will be the first to admit that I’m very lazy when it comes to handbags.

When I pop out to functional places, like the gym, pool, library, beach, or to the shops to buy some milk, I don’t like to take my regular handbag. In fact, I literally just grab the closest green supermarket bag I can find, toss my keys, purse, sunglasses and whatever else I need and run out the door!

Haha ok it’s pretty daggy. And up to last week, I didn’t really care about it UNTIL… I was at the pool, I pulled out my towel and saw that it was covered in a bloody fluid that must’ve leaked out of a mince meat packet at the supermarket. Gross!

So I was on a hunt for a nice looking, big bag for my errands, constant running around and carrying stuff. And yay! I found some awesome ones from Rootote Canvas Bags.

Rootote Canvas Bags

I got hold of two and they are absolutely perfect! I just adore them! They’re so sturdy, well made, with lots of cool little pockets and it’s a great size for all my stuff.

In two days, I brought one to a morning tea picnic with friends (it held the picnic rug, drink bottles and containers of food), the library (it held 8 books and 2 videos), and a birthday party at a kid’s play gym (it held the gift, drink bottles and a bundle of magazines I had to pass to a friend)… and 6 people asked me where I got the bag from! *beams* I’m so happy to recommend them.

Pictured above from left to right. Medium Stripe, Medium Sumi, Medium Point, Medium Crop, Medium Yagli.

I have the Medium Sumi and the Tall Water designs.