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Too Much Swimming

3 February 2008


We’ve been swimming a lot this summer.

Last year we neglected to teach the kids how to swim. We assumed that they would learn from their paid-for swimming classes. But it didn’t work. Once a week for 30 minutes is not enough to gain water confidence. They needed practice out of class, and time to just have fun in the water.

So as a result… they’re not very confident in the water. They’re scared of the water! Swimming makes them nervous!

My husband and I are really confident swimmers, we love swimming, and enjoy most water related activities. But since having kids, we just haven’t had to time to swim regularly!

So it’s quite silly that we assumed the kids would be like us and love the water, even though we haven’t given them the opportunity.

Now we’re having a crash course. Swimming everyday. Trying to teach the kids how to swim and how to overcome their shyness of the water.

It’s been heaps of fun. But it’s also very draining and exhausting. My eyes are sore, my skin feels weird and worst of all, my hair feels oh so gross.