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Getting Ready For Pre-Kindy

30 January 2008


Sean – my second child – starts his pre-kindergarten classes in a few weeks.

In Perth, pre-kindergarten is for 3 year olds. Kindergarten is for 4 year olds. Pre-Primary is for 5 year olds. Year 1 is for 6 year olds – which is compulsory.

All I can say is GAAHH! My baby is growing up!

When my first son first started school I was nervous, irrational and very unsure. I was so emotional. The days leading up to his first day, and the weeks after school had started, I was the one who was freaked out.

I also thought that once I’ve had that experience, anything else similar would be easier to manage.

Not true.

Even as I stick Sean’s name label to his drink bottle, I have pangs of sadness.

I think of him gluing, sticking and colouring in a picture with someone else, and I miss him already.

But I see him dancing with excitement over the idea of having a teacher, meeting new friends, doing craft and reading new books. He’s very proud that he’s a big boy now.