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14 January 2008

Fashion Junkee Off Shoulder Dress

Ever since I spotted the FashionJunkee website, I was dying to try out one of their off the shoulder mini dresses.

I got to know FashionJunkee’s talented and lovely owner Lan, and we worked out a deal where I could talk about the dress and run and ad for her – but only if I liked it.

The dresses came in the mail, and I LOVE THEM!

The black one is Tyra’s Off the Shoulder Mini Dress, Cutout Sleeves.

Slinky, stretchy and drapey in all the right places. Great fit, really comfortable and affordable. It’s really nice as a boat neck dress too (if you don’t like to wear it off the shoulder).

I have to say that it looks better in real life, when the person is moving, walking around, and you can see the drapes. I tried taking some better photos of the dress, but while the dress looked great, I ended up looking a bit twisted in embarrassing contorted angles. Haha. I’m such a crap model.

Fashion Junkee Off Shoulder Dress

This red one is the Off the Shoulder Mini Dress.

Funny moment. When I pulled the red dress out of the mail bag, I held it up to my husband and said, “Ooooooh look at my new dreeeeess!!”

However, because of the way the dress is designed and made, when it’s not worn, it looks like a huge pillowcase. A flag. An outdoor barbecue cover. A small one-man tent, with holes. I waved it in the air and it puffed up like sails on a windy day.
I saw my dear husband’s eye twitch. And then blink a few times.
Then he smiled the sweetest smile and said, “That’s nice honey. I’m sure it’ll look great on you.” What a darling.

Fashion Junkee Jersey Dress

This one is the Jersey Banded 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Top / Mini Dress. Cute, simple, comfy and affordable.