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Making Baby 3, Part 13: The Chinese Gender Chart

11 January 2008

Being ethnically Chinese, I grew up being taught Chinese traditions and ideas. But growing up in Australia, I’ve learnt that my parents hacked away at some traditions and just made up stuff along the way.

Thus I’ve been always very dubious when something is labelled, an “Ancient Chinese Tradition.” What it usually meant was that Mrs Lee told my mother something over the mahjong table one rainy evening.

Anyway. When I gave birth to both my children, my mother insisted I carry out the Ancient Chinese Tradition of Chinese Confinement.

It involves sticking to weird rules like – stay in the house for 30 days, avoid washing your hair and hands, don’t touch cold water, and drink lots of brandy. Ok I exaggerate. But you can read what I wrote about it here. I didn’t do very well, but at least I tried.

During my research on how to increase chances of selecting gender using natural techniques, I came across the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart.

The legend states that the Chinese Gender Chart is over 700 years old. It was discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing and now resides in the Beijing Institute of Science. Apparently it is 90 – 99% accurate, but it is only for entertainment purposes.

There isn’t much scientific evidence, but some say it has something to do with the phase of the moon and the acidity in the woman’s uterus.

How To Use It :

You can predict your child’s gender by using your LUNAR AGE at the time of conception. (To work out your lunar age, just add 2 years.)

Then find which month you conceived, then you can work out the gender of your baby.

My Analysis :

My biggest problem right now is… for me and my two boys = this chart is 100% accurate.

The chart ALSO tells me that I have to wait until May if I want to conceive a girl.


Chinese Gender Chart

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