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Making Baby 3, Part 12: The Daughter Diet

4 January 2008

We’ve been 3 months into this baby making business, and again, we are not pregnant.

I have received quite a few emails from people suggesting that I could try changing my diet.

A quick search on the internet shows that there are different diets that will increase chances of conceiving a girl or boy.

Some diets are loosely based on “studies”, while others have absolutely no basis whatsoever. Some just sound plain dodgy and contradicting. And each come with a warning “please consult your doctor before adjusting your diet”.

This is the summary of what I dug up.

Diet to conceive a girl : the woman should eat foods high in calcium and magnesium. Some foods suggested are yoghurt, milk, eggs, nuts, brown rice, wholemeal bread, spinach and tofu.

Minimise intake of sodium and potassium. Eg. salty foods, tea, coffee, wine, fish fingers, cheese, oranges, and peaches.

Diet to conceive a boy : the woman should consume food high in sodium and potassium. Eg. Salty foods, dried apricots, raisins, meat, fish, jams, dried vegetables.

Minimise intake of calcium and magnesium.

I suppose there’s no real harm in trying it.

But I believe having a balanced and wholesome diet should be more important for the mother and father. So I probably won’t be committed to any special diets. If anything I’ll eat an extra slice of tofu and take an extra handful of nuts.

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