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Best of Snippets of Life 2007

31 December 2007

January 2007

My husband and I took a trip down south for my cousin’s wedding, where I wore THAT dress.

My boys went on their first fishing adventure.

I started eating a slice of toast and 1 egg every morning. I still do! Don’t know what that does to my health though.

February 2007

Callum started Kindergarten

I launched myself into organic gardening and set up a worm farm.

I started dressing my children the same. I have always loathed this practice. But now it’s just so much easier to buy the same shirt in a size 4 and size 2. No fights. No arguments. No room for the kid who wants to “try something different” and wear his pyjama shirt to a party.

March 2007

Sean turns two

For the first time in 10 years, I picked up a painted brush and some oils and started to paint!

This is probably my favourite photo of my two boys. I love how they look so completely and utterly happy.

My Organic Cheese and Chive Scone Recipe was a big hit with my readers!

April 2007

My mother turned 60, and we organised our first studio photography portraits.

Callum turned four

We started playing fortnightly social soccer with friends.

May 2007

One minute the kids behave in the most shocking and appalling way, then they’ll do something so unbelievably cute, you can’t help but want to cuddle them forever.

I love my husband.

What SHOULD kids eat each day. 7 months later and it’s still oh so very hard.

June 2007

A hour by hour breakdown of my day. One of my more popular posts for the month.

I ate a grub.

After I wrote about my Sheep Poo Tea, I think I received 70 emails in something like 2 minutes. Apparently it was not sheep poo, but a kind of blossoming tea.

Went to a great Hollywood Dress Up party!

July 2007

I turned 29 and had a whole festival of events! I also had a contemplative reflection on what it meant that I was turning 30 next year. I asked others what their thoughts were and I edited and compiled them into a post here.

Sean at 28 months began a very difficult “Terrible Two” stage.

I confessed to the world that I have joined some friends to put on a group art exhibition.

August 2007

Sean eats our hermit crab (kind of).

We went on a travelling camping holiday to Coral Bay and Exmouth. We stayed at an amazing and isolated campsite by the beach, but we had to take a scary road that looked like the surface of the moon to get there!

September 2007

The boys were baptised.

I wrote out the essence of my parenting experience, so far – “Parenting Is”. It was also one of my most popular posts.

The very first time my kids laid eyes on a video game (wii).

The Official Blurb for my upcoming Art Exhibition.

October 2007

The opening night of my group art exhibition! A complete success!

Sean gets a new bike.

We begin trying for a third baby, and I start “documenting” my steps and thoughts in my blog post series, Making Baby 3.

Tips for a Stay At Home Mum – How To Stay Sane! Another one of my popular posts!

I begin writing about photography and how to take great photos.

November 2007

I tried to do this crazy thing, which involved writing a blog post for everyday of the month. I changed the way I wrote posts, put heaps more thought and planning into each post, but I seriously burnt out in the end!

I write out two Photoshop Tutorials. How To Put An Object On A White Background, How to Select an Object from its Background and How to Enhance Your Photographs Using Layer Blending Modes. These posts were extremely popular!

An update on my boys, aged 4.5 and 2.5.

It’s been a year since my husband and I employed a babysitter, so we can have time alone together on a weekly basis.

Roast Vegetable Pasta Salad Recipe – Another really popular post.

December 2007

With new changes happening in our lives, and the Christmas and holiday season approaching, December was a really busy month for us.

My Play Dough Recipe was very popular.

Sean used to be excellent with his potty training at a really young age. But now he’s gone completely backwards, not sure why and I am clueless as to what to try next. The cloth nappies have been very helpful and we’re ALMOST THERE!

I found some old toddler photos of myself!

I discovered that I am very close to becoming An Uncool Parent!