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Making Baby 3, Part 11: Lets Talk About Sex

28 December 2007

In our quest to have a third baby, my husband and I decided that, since we already have two boys, there was no harm in trying to conceive a girl – or rather, using natural techniques that increased the chances of conceiving a girl.

We’ve been following various recommendations outlined in a popular technique called The Shettles Method, by Dr Shettles in her book, How To Choose the Sex Of Your Baby.

I’ve already written about the importance of timing sex, tracking your mucus cycle.

So according to the Shettles method, if you want a girl, you have to have sex in a particular way.

1) Shallow penetration.

Woman on the bottom. Good. Old. Missionary. Just lie still thanks.

The reason for having shallow penetration is so that the sperm will be deposited further away from the cervix, which is more acidic and will disadvantage the weaker boy sperm.

Plus it also gives the slow swimming, but longer lasting girl sperm a greater chance of reaching the egg.

2) Woman can NOT orgasm.

Apparently, when a woman orgasms, the acidity levels change in the uterus, making it more favourable for boy sperm.

Also the contractions felt during an orgasm usually assist the sperm up into the cervix and towards the egg. This means the faster swimming boy sperm have an advantage over the girl sperm.

So there you have it.

If you want a girl, you have to have BORING SEX!

(I wonder what it means that I have two boys! Ha!)

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