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On Presents

27 December 2007

My husband and I are not a Present Giving Couple.

When people ask me, “What did you get your husband for Christmas? Or what did your husband get you?” I say with a cunning and mischievous smile “Trust me, you don’t want to know…”

Truth is, we didn’t buy each other anything! We are not really into dropping hints. Or secret shopping and planning surprises.

I don’t ask my husband to buy me anything – because, if I wanted something, I’d just go out and buy it myself!

In fact, if my husband felt the need to surprise me, and bought me the designer handbag which he had noticed I swooned over while reading a magazine, I’d be SO ANGRY WITH HIM because I’d rather have a new digital camera.

And if he had bought me the digital camera, I believe our money would have been better spent buying a new couch.

So my husband and I made a sacred pact. No presents. Unless specifically requested.

This is what I received for Christmas. I consider them, with much amusement, to be a rather telling indication of my miscellaneous personality.

Pearl earrings


Environmentally friendly laundry care pack

Laundry Stuff

Battlestar Galactica DVD series 3