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Christmas Cards 2007

22 December 2007

Christmas Cards for 2007

Every day since my 4.5yo has ended kindergarten for the year, he has been harassing me to DO CRAFT. LET’S DO SOME DRAWING. LET’S MAKE SOMETHING. I NEED PAPER. I NEEEEED TO GLUE SOMETHING.

Thus I decided to let the kids make Christmas cards this year.

Also my parents bought the kids some Magic Marker Pens – markers that change colour when a “magic” pen is applied. The kids had so much fun with them.

Usually during drawing time, I don’t set any rules or guidelines. I let them do what they like. Give them a chance to let their creativity go wild. If they want to colour outside the lines, use only one colour, draw five legged dogs, draw on the same spot until they can’t see what they are drawing, so be it. It’s my NO RULE rule.

Sometimes Callum will ask me, “Mum. Am I allowed to draw a cave with buttons and a door that goes inside the mountain?”

I will answer, “My son, of course you are allowed! There are no rules when it comes to drawing! It’s your picture and you can draw whatever you like!”

So he comes up with some really cool little drawings, such as his Santa Snow Robot on the left, with ice pick hands in case he gets stuck in a frozen puddle, and lots of eyes so he can see through a snow storm.

Unfortunately my 2.5yo doesn’t have the same inclination to drawing as his older brother. Sean is not interested in shapes or forms. He likes colour. Lots of it. He will meticulously colour in pages and pages of flat colour until the marker runs out.

On the right is Sean’s Starry Night. (Ok the stars were done by me.)

Callum's WritingI also let Callum do my card writing. I wrote out the names of recipients on a separate paper, and he copied each onto a card.

I thought his colour coding for boys and girls was kinda cute.

But I tried to convinced him that he needed SPACES between each word. That he should try to keep capital letters at the front of each word. And that all the letters of each word needs to be next to each other.

To which he shooed me away saying, “Rules! Rules! Too many rules! I just want to do it how I like thanks.”

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