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Making Baby 3, Part 10: What if she is a BOY?

21 December 2007

Blue PacifierI have two happy, healthy boys. They are active, loud, cute, funny, creative, weird and I just love them to bits.

Yet as my husband and I decided that we were going to begin trying to conceive our third child, we made it no secret that we wanted to try for a girl.

Now, I’m not announcing it as my original gender preference. Nor is it a reflection of how I feel about raising my boys.

I feel it is so natural to have one gender, and wish for a different set of experiences that can only come about from the relationship with the opposite gender.

It’s simply a little wish.

Because in all honesty, I don’t have a deep, intense, emotional yearning to have a GIRL. I don’t have a lifelong desire to brush hair, tie ponytails, fiddle with dresses and tiaras.

I won’t be disappointed or broken-hearted if I my third child turns out to be boy.

I would be thrilled, overjoyed and pleased beyond anything to have another boy!

And I feel that’s the right and healthy way to approach all this.

After all, the chances are 50/50 right?

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