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Making Baby 3, Part 9: Be Good To Your Sperm Makers

14 December 2007

Pink Underwear The other week I wrote about how my preferred sperm donor went to get a sperm analysis and we discovered that he had a very low sperm count.

A normal guy has around 20 million or more sperm in 1ml of semen. Anything less than this is considered to be “low”.

A bit of research shows that it is quite common for men to have a low sperm count, and there are so many reasons why this might happen.

Even the simplest, most basic thing can affect a man’s fertility – his age, his stress levels, his general health, nutrient deficiencies, obesity, overheating, smoking, alcohol, cycling, genetics, free radicals, and the general pollution in the environment!

In most cases, it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly what is the main cause and know what to prescribe in order to increase sperm levels.

Added to this problem, sperm is formed about 3 months before it is actually ejaculated. So if you want to know the cause of your low sperm count, you have to know what you were doing 3 months ago.

Therefore, if you’re a guy and you want your little guys (and girls) to have a greater chance of surviving when they are finally let loose – it’s probably a good idea to make positive changes to your lifestyle NOW!

Plus, if you’re an overweight, meat-eating, stressed-out cyclist, you’d probably be better off doing some swimming and taking a chill pill.

Some unproven old wives tales suggest that men should take cooler baths, no long bike rides, get lots of sleep, less caffeine, take vitamins, no tight jeans, and try to wear loose fitting underwear like boxer shorts, or crotchless underwear.

By the way, please remember that I’m not a medical expert, and that it takes just one sperm to make a baby. AND I’m kidding about the crotchless underwear, unless you’re into that kind of thing – in which case it may probably help you get pregnant!

Anyone know where to buy really “cool” men’s underwear?

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Image from Joe Rivettto