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Kids. Cute. But Weird.

13 December 2007

Kids are continually going through PHASES.

If they’re not scarily obsessed with garden snails, then they have a new habit of making sucking noises with their noses, or they constantly play an annoying game where they say a made up word that rhymes with the last word of MY sentence.

Most of the time, the phase only goes on for a week or two.

And usually, there’s nothing to worry about. You just roll your eyes, and think, “Good grief, what’s next?”

Well my boys’ current obsession is “BEING A CAT”.

Boys As Cats

I found them like this one morning. I kid you not, they were curled up like this for AGES. They insisted on walking on all fours, eating from a bowl off the floor, lapping up milk, chasing birds, playing with string, and – most annoyingly – licking themselves all over.

Weird I tell you.

Nonetheless, I’m thankful they’ve never seen a cat hack up hairballs.