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Callum’s Kindergarten Concert

11 December 2007

Callum's Christmas ConcertThe other day was Callum’s Kindergarten Christmas concert. As I walked into the room, I saw all the 5 year olds lined up in front, colour coordinated, dressed in silly Christmas hats and I KNEW I WOULD CRY.

Man. I don’t think you can ever prepare yourself for THE FIRST CLASS CONCERT. The cuteness overload, the weepy pride, the heart stabbing gushiness, the happiness swelling up in your throat. It was all too much.

Callum gave the introductory speech, “Welcome to our kindy, here are some of the things we learnt…”.

Ok, ALL the kids had a little speech, but I was completely floored. My son memorised a speech? My son is happy to speak out loud in a crowded room? My son can stand still and talk at the same time? I did not know these things! What kind of water are they drinking over here?

The details leading up to the event was all a big secret. I pestered Callum (in jest) to tell me what was going on, but he wouldn’t tell me. I’m glad he didn’t, because I had such a great time. They sang a whole heap of songs, did a several little dances, received certificates, gave gifts, speeches, flowers.

As I sat in the audience of mums and dads, all with goofy smiles and video cameras, I had this awesome feeling that… being a parent was pretty cool.