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Making Baby 3, Part 8: Being Mrs Clucky

7 December 2007

Making Baby 3Hi everyone! Meet the newest member of my family!

This cute little bundle of pink is Chelsea, my new niece. She’s 2 days old and she’s incredibly soft and squishy. She also has that new baby smell, which makes my ovaries glimmer with desire.

I love babies. I love their smell, their wrinkly skin, their baby sounds, their soft hair, their little noses, their teeny tiny fingers and toes.

In Australia, “being clucky” refers to that conscious or unconscious need to have a baby. I assume the terms comes from the sound a chicken makes when looking after its chicks.

Well, I’m a clucky woman, and even more so now that I’ve decided that I WANT ANOTHER BABY.

A few months ago, my 4 year old made me a rice bag baby based on his exact birth weight.

I recently found this “rice bag baby” under my son’s bed. I dragged it out, dusted it off, and as I picked it up carefully, I held it in my arms in THAT WAY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO CARRY REAL BABIES.

Then instead of walking to the cupboard to put the rice baby back, I suddenly deviated to the living room. I sat down on the couch and cradled the little baby in my arms, thinking, “Oh my. I remember doing this only yesterday. I could get used to this.”

Yes. I felt stupid. It was, after all, a bag of rice.

But ah, when you rock a baby to sleep, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed – like you’re doing the most important job in the universe.


(By the way. I’m not pregnant this month.)

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