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Perth Massive 2007

6 December 2007

Admiring the mirror frame in the women's toiletsThe other night, my husband and I went to a digital and computing industry end-of-year celebration, Massive 2007. Seemed like everyone was there – from hard core digital artists, to techie game developers, to the business web types, to the brainy computer geeks of the SIGGRAPH world.

It was held at the much raved about, newly renovated club, The Library (previously The Church).

I always feel that these events are for people to do their annual networking. And I always wish I could go to these events and do some serious networking.

But I can’t seem to take my Christmas networking very seriously. I have half a drink and the next thing I know, I’m having conversations about marinated olives, medieval nightclub décor and how to pick up hot chicks at a REAL library.

I managed to meet a whole lot of new people though, so it was quite fun.

Near the end, I strolled into an oddly lit room, decked out with black leather padded walls, embossed black velvet textiles, a window wall with glass beads, and bright pink disco lights. It was all very lush.

Standing beside a plasma screen fireplace and under the stuffed moose head, were two very hot guys with beers. I suddenly did a double take and realised that I “knew” one of the guys from the blogging circles of Perth.

The Scouta Boys

We chatted for about 5 seconds, then I realised that they were setting up for a video podcast, as part of their show Scouta TV – where they talk about the weird, wonderful, popular and most talked-about videos and podcasts on the internet.

So if you’re a bit like me, you’d probably be insanely curious to hear two young, hot, intelligent, Aussie geek guys talk about online videos and other geeky stuff. Not to mention, you’d probably be so out of the loop, you need someone to tell you what’s cool.

Check it out! It’s pretty good! And geeks are hot.