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My Dusty Photo Album : Karen Aged 2 – 4

5 December 2007

The other day I wanted to show my kids some pictures of me growing up on Christmas Island – where I was born.

We dug through my old box of baby photos and I told them stories of jungles, turtles, coral beaches and crabs. It was like a fairy tale. A different world.

I thought I’d share some photos on my site, starting with some photos of me aged 2 to 4!

Karen Age 2

I was born in 1978. I have one older brother and one younger sister.

After my mother had me, she continued to work full time. My brother and I would go to a “day care” which was basically some close family friends. Apparently we had a whole host of babysitters – all of whom I can’t remember!

My mother eventually stopped working and became a stay at home mother when my younger sister was born.

Karen Age 3

Even though there is a closer age gap between my brother and I, I was closer to my younger sister – only because my brother wouldn’t play Barbie Dolls with me, and I could boss my sister around.

I wasn’t really a girly-princess girl. I remember exploring jungles, climbing trees, and catching crabs, as well as playing with dolls, dressing up and cooking mud pies.

Karen Age 4

Thinking back, I can’t recall any outstanding, defining moments of my childhood. Nothing bad happened, nothing impacted or influenced my life in a distinct or incredible way.

I only have lots of happy, colourful, blurry, fun, innocent memories of being a kid.

Perhaps that in itself is a great gift to pass to my own kids.