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Bumwear Cloth Diapers

4 December 2007

Sean in a Cloth Diaper

You may have noticed that I have changed the type of ads I have on my website (on the right!). These new ads are much more relevant to readers of this website – and look much nicer too!

One of them is for a brand of diaper called Bumwear!

Well, a few weeks ago I wrote about Cloth Nappies vs Disposable Nappies.

I asked if anyone could recommend me a brand of re-usable cloth nappies/diapers that I could buy over the internet. The response was overwhelming – and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to each email individually – thanks so much! I had more than 30 brands of cloth nappies/diapers recommended to me!

The brand of cloth nappy that was MOST recommended to me was Bumwear Cloth Diapers. I liked the name immediately.

As I clicked onto the site and browsed around, the first thing that I fell in love with was how cute the nappies looked. The range of patterns were bold and colourful! They looked like a cool piece of clothing, worn to be shown off, rather than a bulky, papery bundle that you try to hide.

They looked hardy, well-made and of really good quality. Also, the design of the Bumwear diapers have no Velcro, so they look better than other diaper brands I browsed.

I contacted Rita, creator of the Bumwear brand and mother of FIVE children. I asked her if she could send me a sample – if I really liked it, I’d write about it, and run an ad.

So I have received them in the mail, touched them, smelt them, tried them on my kids, washed them, then reused them. And I will admit to being utterly impressed. THEY ARE SO COOL!!

I got Sean (2.5yo) to try some Training Pants (as pictured above). His toilet training has gone a bit backwards lately, and I’ve been reluctant to put a nappy on him during the day, lest he gets lazy and goes backwards even more. So the Training Pants have been great.

(I feel so environmentally friendly too.)

Sean is very happy with them. They are soft and fleecy on the inside, so they feel like “nice pants” rather than a “papery nappy”. And they DON’T LEAK. Washing is very easy, and the nappy folds out flat for faster drying. The parcel that came in the mail included a excellent How To Wear instructions with step-by-step photos, and washing and care instructions.

Bumwear’s best selling diapers are the One Size Pocket Diapers. They fit a baby from 5kgs until they are about 2 years old. I was very curious about this claim – how could a “one sized diaper” fit such a large range of bum sizes?

But as I fiddled with them and worked out how the buttons work, I was instantly impressed with its design. There are multiple little fasteners, so it adjusts really well. I didn’t have a newborn baby lying around, so the kids and I buttoned up various sized teddy bears. Heh.

Teddy's modelling Cloth Pocket Diapers

Little Ted (left) who has a huge ass for his size, models the biggest setting for the One Size Pocket Diaper, Dog (centre) who is much slender, models the same One Size Pocket Diaper at the medium setting. It goes even smaller! Very cool!

Mr Bunny (right) who has a micro-bum without his cottontail, models the Petite Diaper, which is designed specially for newborn babies, weighing from birth to 8kgs.

Overall I was pretty impressed and blown away by Bumwear’s product, amount of information and attention to detail. The Bumwear website is user-friendly, chock full of really useful information, and a stocks a wide range of other products – swim diapers, cotton prefold diapers, and diaper accessories.

I am also inspired by Rita’s personal story of how the cloth diaper is not just a business interest of hers, it really is part of her life and her whole family!

So I’m completely happy to recommend Bumwear Cloth Diapers. I totally expect to use this brand with Baby 3!