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Making Baby 3, Part 7: Attack of the Pink Hormones

30 November 2007


Women are hormonal creatures. More so when pregnant. And maybe even more so when TRYING TO FALL PREGNANT.

Thus I’ve been experiencing some very strange hormonal symptoms lately.

Firstly, I have a hormonal condition called Foggy Labour Memory – where I’ve had two babies, yet I can’t exactly remember all the details for each one. I can’t seem to recall how painful the pain was for each birth. Did I give birth without drugs? I can’t remember? Did that doctor really take 2 hours to stitch me up – while I was awake?

There must be a hormonal plug that stops a woman from remembering her labour pain, or there would definitely be less babies on this earth!

Then there’s the Baby Clothes Hormone. Which goes off every time I walk past the baby clothes section. LOOK AT THESE CUTE BOOTIES! OMG! WHAT GORGEOUS EMBROIDED FLOWERS! THEY’RE SO TEENSY TINY! AWWWWWW.

As I dig through my son’s old Size-OOOO clothes, I am completely blown away. I remember how huge that OOOO jumpsuit once looked! And how my baby would look like a frog in a pillowcase! The sleeves and legs of the jumpsuit would dangle and flop, and I wondered when-o-when would my baby ever grow big enough to fill them!

Then the Pink Hormone. OOOOH! WHAT A CUTE PINK TOP! WITH A MATCHING PINK SKIRT! AND PINK SHOES! AND PINK SOCKS! Did I mention I’m trying natural methods to conceive a girl?

Then there’s a Nesting Hormone. Where the long-term-planner in my brain switches on and I start doing things like buying maternity bras because they are on sale, and cleaning out the spare bedroom to make way for a cot.

Also there’s a The Clock Is Ticking Hormone. My two sons are growing up so quickly – they are riding bikes and lecturing me about wildlife conservation. My friends are approaching their 30s and 40s. We’re getting old! Time is catching up!

And lastly, the ever-potent Holding Someone Else’s Baby Hormone. I’m sure this needs no explanation.

I’ve read somewhere that there is a condition called pseudocyesis (false pregnancy) where a woman can have all the symptoms of pregnancy – morning sickness, sore breasts, expanding belly, even foetal movement – but NOT have a foetus inside her. Apparently the cause is attributed to the struggle of emotions and desires.

The human body is surely a weird and wonderful creation!

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