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In Transit – Fashion and Jewellery Show

27 November 2007

Curtin Fashion Show

On the weekend, my husband and I went to the Fashion and Jewellery Show by Curtin University Graduates. It was such a fantastic event! It was really well done.

There were 24 designers, each showcasing about 4-5 pieces. For many pieces, my jaw dropped. I was amazed and inspired by the style, beauty, innovation, freshness, plus there seemed to be no difference to the garments shown on international catwalks. It was so exciting!

Curtin Fashion Show

Added to all this. I managed to get a media pass, which let me backstage.

Before the show, I crept into the dimly lit backstage area. The room was filled with frantic and busy people. You could just feel the excitement and nerves in the air.

Models were pacing around in their garments. Designers were rushing about. Dressers were sorting through racks. Stylists were teasing hair. Organisers were giving directions. Tables and corners were exploding with artworks, garments, accessories, boxes and bags full of STUFF!

Soon the models were rounded up. The moment arrived.

The music blasted on, and one by one the models disappeared onto the stage. Everyone who was backstage – including me – froze. All eyes were fixed on the TV screen, watching the first group of models walk along the catwalk. No one seemed to breathe. My stomach started to shrink with nerves too, OMG it was just too much.

When the last of the models waltzed backstage, the room roared with cheering and clapping, ah… it was such a rush to be part of it all!

Here’s hoping the designers make it big in the fashion world!