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Shark Teeth of Inspiration

21 November 2007

Shark Teeth I really cherish people who inspire me – and possibly unbeknownst to them – fuel the little fires going off in my head.

7 years ago I used to be a keen scuba diver, diving all over the well known West Australian dive sites.

But since the arrival of the kids, I haven’t touched my wetsuit ( almost five years now! ), and all my gear sits in a dusty bag under my bed. So. I decided a while back, that I was going to get back into scuba diving. Do a refresher course. Then.

Dive with sharks! At Perth’s Aquarium.

I know heaps of people who have done it – and one friend in particular, brought back some souvenirs that she showed me the other day. Teeth! How awesome!

For a moment, I stupidly thought she had an “encounter” with a shark, hence the teeth. But she assured me that shark’s teeth fall out naturally and the tank floor was littered with them.

How exciting! I can’t wait!

I’ve given myself a little deadline – to dive with sharks before my 30th birthday next July.

What crazy thing have you done to celebrate a birthday?