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Cloth Nappies Vs. Disposable Nappies

11 November 2007

As you might know by now, we’re working on Making Baby 3. So I’m beginning to think about all the things I’m going to do different, AFTER baby 3 arrives. One of those things are nappies.

Someone once told me that a standard baby’s disposable nappy takes about 500 years to decompose. Ok. I have a hunch that it’s actually more like …100 years?… but EEEP THAT’S SHOCKING!

This papery white bundle with a bit of wee in it… will OUT LIVE ME AND MY CHILDREN! What a astonishing and horrifying thought!!

When we had our first child, we pretty much used cloth nappies exclusively – only using a disposable nappy when we knew we’d be out of the house for a long time.

Mind you, we used the old-school cloth nappies, big towel squares which we folded into shape and pinned down with a safety pin.

We used cloth until our son was 10 months old. By then, he walked and moved so much, that the nappy just kept falling off.

Using cloth nappies for our second child was much harder for us. It was a very trying time for our family. We were going through a lot of stress due to my husband’s illness and I was suffering from a mild post-natal depression. We weren’t entirely on top of things, and we were just getting by one day at a time.

So for our second child, we used disposable nappies exclusively.

To ease my guilt, I bought eco-friendly disposable nappies. They were 70% bio-degradable, and claimed to decompose in 6-12 months. But they were also more expensive than the premium disposable nappy brands.

But it cost us so much money! For example – 1 baby wears 8 nappies per day for 365 days per year costing approx. 50 cents per nappy = $1460 – and that’s just the first year!

There are some 100% bio-degradable nappies you can buy, which you can put in your worm farm! But I would have to ship them in from overseas, plus our worm farm is not big enough!

On hindsight, I wished that instead of using the old style “have to fold them each time” cloth nappies, that I spent the money on specially designed, pre-fitted, reusable cloth nappies. I would have saved so much money and so much folding time! I’m absolutely kicking myself!

These days there seem to be heaps of different cloth nappies you can buy over the internet. So since we’re hoping to have a third baby, I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a brand of pre-fitted cloth nappy?

(Not to mention, we’re still using disposable nappies for my 2.5yo during the night.)