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Update on the Kids

8 November 2007

Callum on Bike

Callum is 4 years, 7 months.

He’s been a wonderful little kid lately. A real pleasure to hang out with. He’s easy-going, talkative, funny, interested in everything and asks big questions.

On the flip side, he’s noisy. I mean REALLY noisy. He’s constantly making sound effects, or talking about something, or asking questions, or nagging, or suggesting, or singing or something!

He’s always full of energy and very active and fidgety. He’s extremely playful and loves to clown around. Thus, most of the time, he’s not exactly Mr Gentleman nor Mr Concentration.

He’s quite sensitive to new social settings. He takes ages to warm up to anything new. He’s not shy, he’s just assessing how everything works. But once he’s comfortable, and has decided in his own time that everything’s fine, he’s all good.

I love that he’s got a wild imagination, he’s very much into role playing and creating elaborate stories for his superhero toys.

He loves his sports, being outdoors, kicking a ball, riding his bike, helping in the garden, going out for an adventure.

He tells me that he likes school, likes his teachers, likes learning stuff, doing activities, listening to stories and he LOVES playing with his friends.

I’ve introduced him to a few board games. He really enjoys playing UNO (the card game), Guess Who and Connect 4.

Sean on Bike

Sean is 2 years, 8 months.

He’s still going through a “Terrible Stage” where he’s constantly naughty and pushing our boundaries. It’s been hard work!

He can easily keep up with his big brother during playtime. Whether it’s bike riding in the park, climbing in the playground, digging holes in the sandpit, or pretending to be superheroes.

Although he follows his big brother around, Sean is usually the one who gets into mischief, and leads his big brother astray. Sean is the one who brings a cup of sand into the house and tips it on the couch. Sean is the one who uses pavement chalk to draw on dad’s car. Sean is the one who takes out the sliced bread from the freezer, lays them out like stepping stones and jumps on them to a crumbling pulp.

One-on-one time has been really valuable for him. He is a completely different boy when we give him our full attention – he says interesting, surprising and funny things; he’s considerate, helpful and polite; and he’s very capable and courageous.

I regularly take him to a Story-Time Session at the local library. In that structured environment, he is an absolute darling. He’s so natural, sociable, confident, and assertive. He sings along to the songs, speaks up to answer questions, and confidently does his cutting and pasting activity.

The other day, the teacher (a complete stranger) accidentally missed Sean’s turn and moved onto the next activity. In a room full of strangers, Sean raised his hands, stood up and said, “Excuse me! Excuse me! I’m Sean, I haven’t had my turn yet!”

We’ve been practicing simple Chinese words at home, and his pronunciations are always absolutely perfect!

He’s really coordinated in a scary way. He can climb an obstacle course set for 5 year olds, and negotiate all those tricky climbing things in the playground.

And he can now ride his bike (with training wheels) faster than I can leisurely jog.

Sigh. They really do grow up so fast!