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The Singapore Connection – My Second Home

3 November 2007

In 1998, I finished university, flew to Singapore and began a career in advertising as an art director in a small advertising agency.

It was an easy move, because I have lots of family and friends living there, plus I visited many times before.

I lived the high and crazy life as a single, young woman in a booming ex-pat industry. But it was refreshing to be able to blend my Asian face into the local crowds, and soak up the familiar “Sin’glish” – English as it is spoken at home and on the streets by Singaporeans.

I worked hard and played harder.

Sometimes during the week, we would worked until 2am for 7 days straight. And no one thought that it was a tad abnormal.

On the weekends, I was rarely home – just to sleep, shower and put on some fresh clothes, then back out again.

As a 20 year old, I had awesome fun.

Searching all over Singapore for that elusive “Best Plate of Chicken Rice”, stage dancing at Zouk, zipping over to Malaysia for supper, rollerblading at East Coast Park, eating roti and curry for morning tea, random condo parties, dodgy foam parties, eating fresh durian by the side of the road, catching a cab when I was late for work.

I really miss a whole lot of things about living in Singapore. Lunchtimes at Maxwell. Breakfast at Holland Village after a late night out. Hanging out at Chjimes in the evenings. Jogging through Fort Canning Park. Lazing around at Borders on the weekends. Buying fruit at the noisy wet markets. Adams Road Food Centre.

And most of all – for some reason – I miss that feeling of waking up at 6:30am and feeling the cool, sticky, humid breeze on my skin. I loved that.