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East and West

25 October 2007

I thought I’d bring up some stories on how I balance being ethnically Chinese, living in a western society, and having been raised with a mixture of both Eastern and Western values.

Living in a place where mish mash is OK

Chinese massage medicine that makes you smell like a chicken wing.

Teaching my son how to be Asian – by eating chicken feet!

The one where I can’t use FISH HEADS in my fish head curry!

Sheep Poo Tea

The Essence of Chinese Soups

The Chinese Post-Natal Confinement Tradition

Feeling Out of Place at Annual Chinese Community Events

Getting my kids used to CNY traditions

Considering how I’m going to teach my kids how to learn Chinese, when I don’t even speak it myself!

My Chinese Maiden Name

When a Chinese New Year event goes kampong style.

Learning the Traditional Chinese Cookie making

My View on Expensive Chinese Restaurants.

A Chinese Girl at a Scottish Event

Breaking the Chinese cultural obsession over money

Perving on Cute Asian Boys on TV