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24 October 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards 2008So, it’s approaching that time of year again – Blog Awards!

I have been nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards 2008 – in 4 categories! Thanks! I’m honoured! It be great if you could spend a few minutes voting for me! And, you can get to see some other cool blogs out there as well.

I must say, for a website about blogs, Bloggers Choice Awards website is a bit confusing, but if you follow these simple steps —

1) Go to

2) Create an account – you do have to fill in everything, except the “choose a picture”, and you do have to give a real e-mail address.

A message will appear telling you to check your e-mail for a confirmation message. Mine arrived in less than thirty seconds, and you click on the link in the message.

3) On the right hand side of the screen is a “search” box. Type in the word “cheng”.

A list of entries will appear, and mine – “” – will probably be on top of the list.

4) Click on the drop down menu called “Choose a Category to View this Blog” and you will see a list of all the different categories I have been nominated for. Choose any one of the four nominations.

5) It will load up a little profile of my website, and there will be a yellow “vote” button. Hit the vote button! It will turn to a set of question marks, and then you can just quickly click on the other 3 categories as well, to vote for me in those categories.

THANKS SO MUCH! (I love you guys!)