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In Memory of Jane Kos

18 October 2007

Karen and Jane KosAs most of you know, I’ve been involved in a group art exhibition with 3 other women artists – Jane Kos, Marnie Beissel, Wendy Tweedie.

Several days ago, Jane Kos lost her battle with cancer and passed away peacefully. She was aged 71.

Jane was one of WA’s established and award winning artists, with a passionate and generous involvement in the local arts community.

She was the one who invited us – completely new artists – to exhibit with her. She was the one with connections, knowledge, experience, wisdom, guidance – she made it all possible. It was a tremendous and extraordinary gift to us.

I had met Jane a few months ago, through this exhibition. I only knew her when she was already sick. Yet she bubbled with such warmth, generosity, zeal, inspiration, humour and ah, she was such a character!

I stood against the back wall of the funeral service. The hall was full of people, all saying the same thing – that Janey was a wonderful, inspiring and kind woman. I wasn’t surprised.

Without even knowing me, Jane gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. And in her passing, she’s inspired me to open my heart to others in need.

So thank you Jane. Thank you very much.